Sonny Perschbacher, a retired architect; a graduate of Kansas State University School of Architecture in 1967, has practiced for some 40 years before retiring in 2008. During that time, he produced numerous residential projects as well as a considerable number of architectural renderings.

In 1986, he started his own architectural firm, designing mostly high end custom residences. His last project was the home illustrated here as "Mountain Home on Stream"in both black and white ink drawing and also as a watercolor of the project. The home owner of this project commissioned Sonny to do the rendering and has it displayed in the home.

Sonny has been branching out, creating works in pencil, pastels, and watercolors. His pen and ink works have been ongoing for a number of years and he has done several very time-consuming "pointillism" (dots only - no lines) pieces (i.e. trains, clipper ships).

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